How to Stop Fogging on Your Glasses, Protect Your Lipstick and Enhance Breathing Space While Wearing Mask?

These days, everyone is looking for ways to make wearing face masks more comfortable. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public spaces and many cities and states mandate them, face masks aren't the most comfortable things to wear for an extended period of time. They can make you feel hot, are often hard to breathe in, and can be annoying to deal with. To help with these things, people have been purchasing face shields and face masks accessories like necklaces to hold masks and nose clips for tighter fits.

Now, there's a new accessory that is starting to gain popularity: face mask brackets. COLAPA™ Mask Brackets made by food-grade silicone material —also known as a mask brace—are meant to keep your mask from touching your face, making it easier to breathe and potentially minimizing irritation.

What do mask brackets do?

Mask brackets are cage-like frames you wear under your mask. They’re usually made of plastic or silicone.But COLAPA™ Mask Brackets made by food-grade silicone material Which is more safety. COLAPA™ Mask Brackets make face masks more comfortable when wearing mask by:

  • Making breathing easier.
  • Allowing you to speak more clearly and easily.
  • Saving your lipstick and foundation from smudging and staining your mask.
  • Stop fogging on your glasses while wearing mask.
  • Preventing “maskne” (the term for acne breakouts caused by wearing a mask)

Are Mask Brackets safe to wear?

The idea behind face mask brackets is that they make it easier to breathe and lower irritation from masks since your face isn't directly touching it. These food-grade silicones can also provide a snugger fit by closing any side gap on the mask. Plus, they prevent lipstick from being rubbed onto a mask, making them a date night savior.

But do they lower the effectiveness of masks? While there aren't any studies on face mask brackets, Gabriela Andujar Vazquez, MD, Infectious Disease Physician and Associate Hospital Epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center, says that they should not impact the quality of masks as long as the mask still fits well.

"Whatever makes people more compliant in wearing masks," she says. "If it makes people feel better and more comfortable, then I think it's OK."

Why is COLAPA™ Mask Bracket So Popular?

  • High-quality Material: Face frame support bracket made of food-grade silicone material, soft, smooth and comfortable, washable, and reusable.
  • Patent design: Unique wearable design, soft fit face, will not fall off.
  • Full of elasticity: It can be folded at will without deformation. Easy to carry.

What Do COLAPA™ Mask Bracket’s Customers Think?

"This product makes wearing a mask SO much more comfortable. The heat index in Georgia has been over 100 the past few days, and wearing this in my mask to go run errands today made it 100% more comfortable. My face doesn't feel like a sauna, and the fabric wasn't sticking to my face after five minutes”

"Very nice soft flexible material. Better than the one I had before. Much nicer for long term wear. I work 12 hr days, so it's very helpful. So very comfortable!"

“My N95 smashes down my nose. It makes it impossible to do anything but mouth breathe, which leads to chapped lips.... foggy glasses.... it’s not just annoying, it’s wildly uncomfortable.

This little bracket gives me just enough support. I still passed my fit test, and not only can I breathe better, the mask doesn’t touch my mouth. Because it can be boiled and sterilized, I can thoroughly clean it after each use. It’s cleaner than my mask!”

How Much Does COLAPA™ Mask Bracket Cost?

You may be surprisedafter looking at everything COLAPA™ Mask Bracket can do. But you would be more shocked after knowing the price of it.

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